Human-Robot Interaction

Humans helping robots

The ‘FRAME’ project aims to enable mobile assistance robots to use lifts and enter less accessible rooms with human assistance. This social scientific project builds on the analysis of the particular value and behavioural patterns on which users’ willingness to assist rest, in order to achieve maximum technical success.

SYMPARTNER – Robotic companion for domestic assistance

The goal of SYMPARTNER is the symbiotic relationship between two complementary domestic care approaches for elderly people. This results in an innovative, integrated solution that assists elderly people at home >more

ROREAS - Robotic Rehabilitation Assistant for Gait Training of Stroke Patients

This project aims to develop and test a robotic rehabilitation assistant for gait and orientation training in clinical stroke rehabilitation. Strokes are the most commonly acquired disability for adults and make up a total of 2-5% of health care expenditure in western industrial nations >more

Service robotics for demographic change: demands and acceptance of elderly people

Service robotics not only promises attractive economic growth rates and new jobs but can also provide solutions to the challenges of current demographic changes. The increasingly growing life expectancy brings a wealth of possibilities >more

My friend the robot?

Industries are working on the creation of "age-friendly” robots. Such robotic assistants are designed to enable elderly people to live longer in their own homes and to relieve nurses of their work. This study investigates the significance of implementing robotic assistants >more

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