Our goals

The SIBIS institute for social research and project consultancy is led by Dr. Sibylle Meyer.

Our goal is to participate in, and shape, the development of new innovations from the user’s perspective by helping to shape technologies and innovative services in a user-friendly way. Our extensive experience shows, that it is most effective and beneficial to begin by identifying the specific everyday demands in each scenario. Based on users’ requirements and acceptance, the SIBIS institute creates models/develops ways in which technologies and products can be optimised for the user. This subsequently facilitates the implementation of new technologies and helps to shorten the critical initial phase of the development process.

With the help of Dr. Meyer’s longstanding experience of over 20 years of systematically collected data and research results in the field, our institute is able to identify trends, make predictions and develop models of future scenarios.

Our questions

  • What practical benefit does this specific innovation offer the user?
  • How can this use be optimised?
  • How does the user receive and accept this innovation?
  • What are the barriers to acceptance and how do they impact the further development process?
  • What are the ethical and social implications of this innovation?

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