Through a magnifying glass

Our work is based on the conviction that only those who seek closely, shall find something new. We help our clients to see the world through the lens of peoples’ everyday needs and preferences. Innovations can only be successful when they account for users’ everyday lives, demands and preferences as well as their emotional sensitivities.

The crucial realisation that projects, developments or innovations bring to light is often simple and straightforward, yet not always obvious or easily recognisable. The SIBIS institute therefore deliberately makes the familiar strange and the strange familiar – we are experts at approaching problems differently than is conventionally assumed. This generates answers that are unusual at first, but at the same time obvious and therefore so convincing.

How do we do this? We look very closely at people and their environments and take seriously their wishes, fears, frustrations, orientations and values. We visit them in their homes, observe their everyday lives and follow them throughout their social contexts. In our experience, complex research questions can be solved based on this approach.

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