Research fields

Over the years, the following themes have crystallised in Sibylle Meyer’s work:

Technical assistance systems for the everyday (AAL)

AAL stands for the developments and assistance systems which create a smart environment in order to enable older people to live independently

Service robotics for rehabilitation and the everyday

The question arises whether robotics can be a promising strategy to enable elderly people to live independently and to relieve their relatives of any related anxieties >more

Living, Smart Home, Smart Living

Smart Home and Smart Living refers to the developments in interconnected systems for private households >more

Health, innovation and technology

Analysis of patients’ and clients’ expectations, demands, interests and fears >mehr

User friendliness of new technologies

Supporting manufacturers with the development of user-friendly products through the use of usability tests >more

Universal Design, Design for All

These concepts seek to prevent the stigmatisation of products by incomprehensible and complicated design, consequently expanding sales opportunities >more

Family, household, women

The classic theme of family and women’s studies, with a special focus on changes in family and gender structures in the 20th century >more

Biographical research

The reconstruction of life processes based on biographical narratives allows insights into the long-term change of the individuals’ living conditions and constructions of meaning >more

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